Pink, White, Black Flower Candle

Pink, White, Black Flower Candle
Product Code: Pink, White, and Black Flower Design Medium Candle
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Size Medium

Colors: Pink, Black, Gray and White

Lovely pink and black candle will go with everything!  Perfect gift for that special someone that has everything, and doesn't need another thing they wont use! They will use as all candles come with comlete burning instructions.  You only see half of the beauty of a candle, especially a Honey Creek Candle unless you see it burning.

Candle made with quality top quality paraffin wax.  Cotton flat braided wick no metals for clean bujrning.  Solid clear core allows for the beauty of light to shine through all the way to the bottom!  Burning time of 175+ hours!  Once the candles’ core is burnt to the desired depth you can drop in a tea light, scented in your favorite smell.  Refilling with tea light allows you to see the beauty of the glow for years to come!  Candle is washable and will always retain the vibrant colors and design.  All candles available in custom made colors!

** To order this candle with different colors: List the colors you would like on Step 4 when checking out. It must be typed into the "Add Comments About Your Order" box.

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