Honey Creek Candles can be created for any occasion! A custom, hand-carved, Honey Creek candle can be used for wedding candles as unity candles, invitations embedded within the candle, or as a beautiful centerpiece that will last a lifetime! You can have a custom candle created for an anniversary, special event, or as a "just because" gesture!


Uniformity and consistency all the way thru the candle is of the upmost importance and is very apparent as you view the pictures of my candles. Again, if the end product shows anything but uniformity and consistent carving; it is discarded never using the wax again. My 40 years of experience is very important when it comes to the uniformity of the candle; not just any candle can match the quality or superiority to a Honey Creek Candle!


When looking for a candle always feel the wax; rubbing your finger across the surface. If you finger is left with a "greasy" substance on it or it just feels greasy; do not buy it as it will not burn correctly or for very long as this indicates a low grade wax being used and the flame will drown itself out. Remember, paraffin does come from crude oil so it is of the utmost importance you are purchasing a "high grade" wax so it is not emitted into the air you breathe.


Burning instructions come with each and every Honey Creek Candle; walking you thru starting the burn and then keeping your wick at the desired length; breaking off carbon before lighting; allows for a long -even- smokeless candle.


I am sure you will enjoy your Honey Creek Candle for years to come. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied I will send you another one at no charge; I am that sure of my product. Thank you for considering a Honey Creek Candle today and days and year to come.

Our Features

  • I start with only clean, clear, top quality paraffin wax. It is a very high melt point wax which is why they burn so evenly and glow with such beauty.
  • I never use any “discarded” wax created from any errors that may occur in the process; if this happens the wax is discarded, never to be used in a Honey Creek Candle.
  • I also use only unbleached, cotton braided wick which has no toxic fumes, lead, or smoke and is easily trimmed by touching with finger.
  • I add stearic acid to the wax in both the core and the colored dipping wax. This helps make the wax harder and keep your colors bright for many years.
  • After the candle is carved and hardened, it is then cleaned of any debris and a glaze is applied. This glaze makes the candle durable and allows any dust that may settle on the outside of the candle to be wiped off with a damp cloth; therefore always looking bright and radiant.