About Pam and Her Story

My story starts way back in the 70's. I learned to create carved candles from one of the original carvers in the United States, Artie. He opened a shop in the little resort town of Saugatuck, Michigan and when I saw his process I knew right then I wanted to do it. Working with the colors and creating beautiful sculptures with the warm wax intrigued me.


Once I tried my "hand" at carving I was hooked. After working with Artie for several years; I married my longtime sweetheart and we moved to a farm in Ada, Michigan; converting the feeder calf barn into a candle shop; with a picture window overlooking 250 acres of land, planted every year with either corn or sunflowers. What a place to create the colors of the earth, using colored wax to express the beauty all around.


In the late 80's I moved to Florida taking my business with me and opened up two shops there; one in Stuart, Florida and one in Vero Beach, Florida; the town I lived in for almost 20 years. I continued to create my candles in Florida up until I became pregnant with my second child and also was taking care of my elderly father. At this time, I found it impossible to do the physical work it took to travel and stopped creating my candles.


I found a "regular" job and put the candles on hiatus; not knowing when I would ever pick up the knife again. My job moved me around the country; from Florida to Kansas, to St Louis and then to McDonough, GA. Working for this company for over 20 years; in 2011 I found myself in the lines of unemployment; downsizing of the company. Like many Americans I searched and searched for employment; with no success. During the 2012 holiday season I thought my candle business would be great here and off I was again; now creating my hand carved candles again. Working with all the beautiful colors and warm wax is such a joy. My favorite part of the creating of the candle is making that first cut into the candle to see what beautiful color creations I have made.


One more interesting item is how I came up with the name Honey Creek Candles. When starting my business in Michigan back in the late 70's and early 80's, my home was off a road by the name of Honey Creek, therefore my name evolved.


I am now in Colorado, taking care of 2 year old granddaughter. What better area to work with all the colors of Mother Nature.




Our Features

  • I start with only clean, clear, top quality paraffin wax. It is a very high melt point wax which is why they burn so evenly and glow with such beauty.
  • I never use any "discarded" wax created from any errors that may occur in the process; if this happens the wax is discarded, never to be used in a Honey Creek Candle.
  • I also use only unbleached, cotton braided wick which has no toxic fumes, lead, or smoke and is easily trimmed by touching with finger.
  • I add stearic acid to the wax in both the core and the colored dipping wax. This helps make the wax harder and keep your colors bright for many years.
  • After the candle is carved and hardened, it is then cleaned of any debris and a glaze is applied. This glaze makes the candle durable and allows any dust that may settle on the outside of the candle to be wiped off with a damp cloth; therefore always looking bright and radiant.